Welcome to the homepage of the Travelling Entertainer. A podcast that interviews touring musicians and entertainers about life on the road, or rather, life between the road and the stage. A podcast that reveals how artists “rock from A to Z” and whether they sightsee in between. A podcast that digs deep into the travelling history of the musician and asks whether or not those travels have affected their songs, their touring and the way they see the world. The podcast is hosted by Mike Cameron, a self-proclaimed music fanatic and travelling enthusiast. To date, Mike has travelled to roughly 46 countries and has attended endless concert venues around the world.

I’ve seen hundreds of more concerts than countries, but some of the best concerts I have attended have been in the most unexpected places that I’m travelling through. My first concert as a kid was John Denver at the Cow Palace in CA and vaguely remember my parents taking me to Air Supply when I wasn’t even 10 years old. During my teens, I was exposed to so many great bands that came through Seattle like the Jesus and Mary Chain, The Cure, New Order, Echo and The Bunnymen (with Ray Manzarek from The Doors on the keys), Jane’s Addiction opening for Love and Rockets (what?), Jeff Buckley (twice and I met him once), all the Seattle grunge bands and too many other global bands to count. When I graduated from college, I back packed through Europe for 4 months with my girlfriend (now my wife) and the whole world travelling bug kicked into high gear. Since then, my wife (and two kids) and I spend every summer going to new destinations and I’m now close to visiting over 50 countries. Along the way, I’ve been to more concert venues than the average band ever will get to play live in.

When I talk to people in social settings, the conversation always turns to “what are you listening to now?” or “have you seen them live?” or “why were you there when you saw them live?” At some point, I always start talking music and comparing the best concerts I’ve been to, the best live bands that I’ve recently seen and I thought it would be interesting to merge my two passions of live music and world travelling. The goal of the Travelling Entertainer podcast is to interview the musicians and bands about their experiences travelling and performing. I’d like to peel back the curtain about whether becoming a musician was partly because they loved to travel, whether they prefer performing vs. travelling, learning how the band gets from one venue to another and what they do with their time in between. I’m looking for answers as to whether artists prefer some countries, cities and concert venues more than others, how the touring process changes their overall perspective of travelling the world and how it affects the inner workings of the band as they globetrot.

Given that I divide a majority of my time between Paris, France and Seattle, Washington, I’m able to see global artists perform on any given day. I’ve always been curious as to how bands grind through a tour and whether or not they stop to smell the roses. I want to know how the artists rock from A to Z and I want to find out what they do with their time in between. Hopefully this podcast will give the band’s fan base an interesting perspective that fans wouldn’t hear about in an average interview or review. I’d like sit down over a cup of coffee with Travelling Entertainers and see how they manage on and off the stage.